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Perfect for Conferences or

Corporate Events!

Book your video media training workshop or seminar

for up to 10 participants.


In this masterclass you will learn to:

• Make your message short, sweet and resonate with your audience

• Read naturally from a teleprompter

• Come across as genuine and inviting


you will go home with your own video starring a new and improved

on-camera version of you!



We offer custom in-person or online video media training via Zoom for individuals or groups.

Our video media training

program includes:

• Teaching you to build your brand and turn your message into terrific video marketing tools.

• Helping you refine your on-camera delivery by teaching you the best way to connect with clients.

• Making you fearless in front of the camera by practicing

proven techniques.

• Teaching you how to use live and recorded videos for your website and social media to drive clients to action.



Laura Seltzer-Duny & Victoria Bruce have developed extensive video media training materials that are proven tools to use in your quest to become media savvy and super comfortable and dynamic in front of the camera. 

Contact us and tell us your specific needs and we can offer you a variety of products to get you quickly on your way to making excellent marketing videos that can command audiences, get clients motivated to hire you, buy your products or donate to your cause!


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